Sell for Tweets & Facebook posts!

Want more customers to visit your page? Offer them free products like e-books, MP3's, artwork, etc. and receive payment in form of Tweets or Facebook Wall posts from your clients! Get huge boost in page visits from their friends and friends of their friends! Enter the world of word-of-mouth marketing and draw huge traffic to your website!

Easy to set up!

  1. Prepare a website for your product
    (e.g. e-book, MP3, movie or anything you would like to offer).
  2. Use our form to create a Pay with a Tweet or Facebook button.
  3. Place the button anywhere you like on your website.
  4. Start selling the product for Tweets or Facebook Wall posts.
  5. Sit back and watch as your traffic increases!

See how it works!

Buy the above document by Tweeting or
posting on your Facebook Wall!

Why is it profitable?

Simply put, you get more customers and visitors due to word-of-mouth marketing, which is the most efficient way of advertising.

Why does it work? Because your customers get the unique possibility to have your valuable product completely free of charge.

For them, posting on Facebook or Twitter is a small enough price to pay.

For you, it means more clients entering your website through the links posted by their friends!